Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tanning in the swimming pool

Guys here I am -sadly- back from my trip in Morocco and it was just awesome as always. I have been eating, sleeping, tanning, eating, find out, eating, tanning, eating and eating... haha :')
I swear I must have took at least 3 kg ! :P But I really don't mind, I ate a lot of delicious and healthy things that is the only thing that counts and now I am just like *yummi yummi* by remembering... First I arrived, the weather liked pleasant and of course this is the first thing I noticed because just the idea of returning to a cold weather *brrrr* no way !

So here is the last outfit shoot I made in Morocco. I had a lot of outfits to make but I just really had to relax and rest. To getting back to what I was saying, I chose this long black skirt I bought a few days before my trip, a pink top and thoses heels and this wallet you never seen (I think). A mix of black, pink and white in order to integrate little by little Spring to my outfit.
Stay tuned the giveway will be online this week !
Bisous, bisous.

Old Coke advertisement
Little snack before my dish is ready

Tanning.... hmmm
so handy !

H&M sunnies


Top : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Zara
Wallet : Monsoon
Hand Nails : DIOR 'Diablotine' 643
Foot Nails : O.P.I "What's With The Cattitude?"


  1. Magnifique cette jupe ! Et les chaussures, que dire ? waw ! Bisous :)

  2. j'adore ta jupe =)
    très jolie look ma belle!

  3. amazing blog
    do u want to follow each other on facebook and gfc? Let me know :)