Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Little Butterfly

Guys I can't tell you how an horrible night I spent... I had a fever all night long, so I just couldn't sleep. I am like so tired right now but impossible to  fall asleep... So here I am !

However, here is an outfit I made like 2 months ago and totally forgot to post, what an airhead I am !
I totally love this outfit, it is like so Spring with this huge red details with the blazer and of course the lipstick ! And you're gonna laught when you will know that this white "top" is in fact a dress ! It was like so cold this day I still can remember I was like "brrrrrrr brrrr" ^^
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Dress : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Blazer : Zara
Shoes : Zara
Bag : Louis Vuitton
Necklace : Vintage
Lipstick : CHANEL 'Rouge Allure 104 Passion'

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Young x Wild x Free

Something about the sunshine baby ! Paris is so hot and that is so cool ! 
Guys I have been thinking a loooot like ; I tried to save my lifestyle, just being chic and nice but... I change and I am only 19 years old so I have to make some funny things in my outfits, I mean, if I don't have fun in everything in my life right now then when would I ? at 60 years old, I don't think so. I'm gonna be myself at all, just take it easy, we are young guys !
Just attend to see me as I am now, a young woman who is ONLY 19.

So here I was yesterday with two friends, at Le Jardin Des Tuileries, it was total full omg ! Everyone was here tanning, sitting, laughing, drinking (yay!), dancing etc. It was really funny and of course I will return there today ! So just take a look at the pictures, and tell me what you think !
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Much Love x Fun !

Top : Etam
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Zara
Wallet : H&M
Bracelets : H&M/Marwa/Accessorize
Rings : Monsoon
Hand Nails : Sephora 'Santa is coming!'

Sunday, April 21, 2013

International Giveaway - JewelryBYplk

Finally! So here is the giveaway I organize with superb Cathy from  JewelryBYplk - in silver hematite's titanium & porcelain beads' faceted - 45$ !!! So as I told you guys, it is an international giveaway so you can win wherever you are. 
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So here are the REQUIRED conditions to participate : 

Enfin! Voici donc le concours que j'organise avec la charmante Cathy de JewelryBYplk - en hématite de titanium argent & en perles de porcelaine facettées - 45$ !!! Comme je vous ai dit les gars, c'est un concours international donc vous pouvez gagner peu importe où vous êtes !
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Voici les conditions OBLIGATOIRES pour participer : 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Tanning in the swimming pool

Guys here I am -sadly- back from my trip in Morocco and it was just awesome as always. I have been eating, sleeping, tanning, eating, find out, eating, tanning, eating and eating... haha :')
I swear I must have took at least 3 kg ! :P But I really don't mind, I ate a lot of delicious and healthy things that is the only thing that counts and now I am just like *yummi yummi* by remembering... First I arrived, the weather liked pleasant and of course this is the first thing I noticed because just the idea of returning to a cold weather *brrrr* no way !

So here is the last outfit shoot I made in Morocco. I had a lot of outfits to make but I just really had to relax and rest. To getting back to what I was saying, I chose this long black skirt I bought a few days before my trip, a pink top and thoses heels and this wallet you never seen (I think). A mix of black, pink and white in order to integrate little by little Spring to my outfit.
Stay tuned the giveway will be online this week !
Bisous, bisous.

Old Coke advertisement
Little snack before my dish is ready

Tanning.... hmmm
so handy !

H&M sunnies


Top : H&M
Skirt : H&M
Shoes : Zara
Wallet : Monsoon
Hand Nails : DIOR 'Diablotine' 643
Foot Nails : O.P.I "What's With The Cattitude?"

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Instagram !

Just two more days and I will be back to Paris, I am so sad because I just can't imagine that 10 days passed so fast like that. I don't know about you guys but I always have this feeling that I arrived in that place just three days ago or something like that. The thing that really sucks is when you are spending that really good moment and then, the end haha. But "c'est la vie" as we said in France (nb: that's life).

So recently I registered myself on Instagram ! So here is the summary of my last post in it so if you have an Instagram account feel free to follow me !
To answer to my earlier question, the thing that change on me is that : I'VE BEEN TATTOOED ! You can see this on my pictures right here ;)
Kisses from Morocco.