Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank God I'm Back !

I'm exhausted ! Last weekend was my last days of work, and I had to woke up every so early like 7 am/8 am... But thankssss it's over! I worked 3 weeks as a helping-seller during sales at the brand Sandro in Le Bon Marché.
That is the reason why you haven't heard from me, I've just been working, eating, sleeping, working, working.... Yay! Now I'm gonna be back here for good ! So here's the last look I made, it was Saturday afternoon during a shopping session  with two friends at La Défense.

Oh, I totally forget, as you can see, I'm back to blond coloration, like I always was. I decided it just before Christmas :) So it's like a new start for me & of course for the blog I thought to change its name but finally i don't know, it will be so hard, changing the name, every links of the blog etc... Still don't know and i would like to have your opinion about this !
I hope you like this coloration, this look and be sure to tell me what you think. Bisous.

Sweater : Zara
Skirt : Pull & Bear
Shoes : New Look
Coat On Parle De Vous Paris
Wallet : H&M
Watch : Michael Kors (Jet Set Sport MK5166)
Bracelets :  Karma - H&M
Ring : New Look
Nails : 'Active Blue' H&M