Monday, March 25, 2013

Label #1 - JewelryBYplk

This week went so fast ! I had like a thousand meetings, I went out with some friends this week-end and it was just fuuny and cool. Currently I am not getting right with my hair like I don't enjoy this haircut anymore, it is like so short you know whereas i always had a long long looong hair. But I think that I have to assume it now. I received so many package at home this week so let's talk about it !

Like the title said I want to present you a creator : Cathy from "JewelryBYplk". She send me this amazing necklace and the mint studded bracelet she made manually. In a few days a Giveway will be on the blog so one of you guys will WIN a special necklace created by Cathy !
You can find her e-shop here : JewelryBYplk.
You can also find her facebook page here : JewelryBYplk
I also received this amazing legging I ordered on OASAP a few days ago. 
Be sure to tell me what you think ad don't forget about the Giveway which is coming really soon !

Vest : H&M
Dress : H&M
Legging : OASAP
Necklace : JewelryBYplk
Studded Bracelet : JewelryBYplk
Shoes : H&M
Watch : Festina

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Smocky Candy

TGIS - Thaks god it is Sunday ! I was so busy this week, I was running on the right, on the left fiouuu.
So how good I felt when Friday came. I went to a party with some friends till morning I just couldn't stop dancing haha. The weather here still is crazy (Spring if you're listening to me, please come here in Paris we're all waiting for you!). It is just so tiring and scaring to get out brrrrr...
Ad check, you will also see my cat, Anzus, which has grown so much since his arrival at home last year!

So I decided this saturday to make a home shoot with my cousin. I thought to wear just a chic and original dress with a natural make-up but the desire to do a smocky eye was huge so i made a brown smocky eye make-up.
So you've never seen this cute dress I am wearing, neither the heels, the candy arms and my new nude lipstick I felt in love with.
Be sure to comment and tell me what you think guys. 

Dress H&M
Shoes : Minelli
Arm Candy : New Look / Monsoon
Necklace : H&M
Tights : DIM
Lipstick : MAC -CREMESHEEN- 'Crème D'Nude' A62

Monday, March 11, 2013

Romantic Rocker

I can't believe it, so many things are happening here on It-KimberleyS, I have some surprises for you guys and I really hope that you will enjoy it because I work hard for that ! 
At last, weather degraded again in Paris so the cold is back with rain, wind and all those stuff that I hate (all those winter's things I guess...) Of course I got sick... and I still am right now. So I'm just cooking chinese noodles, drinking tea under my duvet and clearly watching my favorites tv shows like actually 'The Lying Game'  'Pretty Little Liars'  'Glee' and more.

Despite I am sick, I decided yesterday to put one foot outside and make this shoot with a friend for you guys. Currently I am listening at so many rock musics like 'The Pretty Reckless' and 'Madina Lake' so I chose an Outfit which represent my state of mind. A cosy and classic raw dress, then perfecto and rock heels. Be sure to tell me what you think guys. 

Perfecto Brooklin Bridge Factory
Dress : H&M
Shoes : New Look
Watch : Festina
Headband : Zara
Lipstick : MAC -CREMESHEEN- 'Crème D'Nude' A62

Friday, March 08, 2013

Neige à Paris

Aloa ! Sorry for this little break, you just can't imagine how much I'm sleeping, this is scary :) I took a bad habit like I don't sleep util 6:00 AM..... So I can't tell you guys how much I am tired of being tired haha ! So I'm happy because here in Paris the weather warms up slowly and it is so pleasant. And I had no time as I was expecting to go to the FW except Balmain's show. 

Anyway you can see in the pictures that it is snowing whereas I just told you that weather was getting warmer and warmer. Of course I have an explanation : those pictures were taken 2 weeks ago while it was still very cold here & mainly that it was snowing !
So I chose a really simple outfit and yeah, you've never seen this clutch, the skirt, the heels (looong history- bought it in Austria last year-I've never worn it until today-size is too big for me-it was a compulsive purchase-   
Don't forget to comment to tell me what you think !

♥ Happy Women's Day Beauties 

Coat Guess
Sweater : Mango
Skirt : Zara
Clutch : Vintage
Shoes : Buffalo London
Ring : New Look
Necklace : H&M

Friday, March 01, 2013

Ciao Milano, Bonjour Paris !

There it is ! Paris Fashion Week is finally here it has been so long ! I love this event when you meet a lot of great people, photographs and also seeing all those people everywhere on the streets walking with their amazing outfits and style, I wish it could be Fashion Week 365 per year, seriously !
Today was so funny 'cause when I came to the street of the Balmain's show, I remember that almost 5 photographs started shooting us by walking. It was so akward and cool of course haha.

So here is the outfit I chose to wear today. Like I already tod you guys, it is here so cold I was just like Freazzzzzzzzig brrrrr ! So I wore this black lacework top with this leopard skirt and I made a bun ! I was like 'OMG I made it !' I tried it since October and never achieved it...
Otherwise I think that yeah, you've never seen this top but also the skirt. 

Coat : Guess
Top : Camaïeu
Skirt : H&M
Bag : Louis Vuitton
Shoes : Aldo
Watch : Michael Kors (Jet Set Sport MK5166)
Necklace : New Look