Monday, February 25, 2013


 Lipstick : 'Viva Glam NICKI Satin A82' MAC // Lipgloss : 'Lipglass Viva Glam NICKI B52' MAC

As I promise you here is the Goodies post about this i received at Valentine's Day !
Yes I am alone and I have no boyfriend but fortunately I had my Daddy and cousin & it is soothing to have a family at Valentine's Day when you're alone!

 iPad - APPLE 64GB

 Headphone : HUGO BOSS 

 Wallet : GIVENCHY

 Left Perfume : 'Parisienne' YVES SAINT LAURENT // Right Perfume : 'Fame' LADY GAGA

 Sweater : ZARA 

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Currently we had some sun here in Paris it was so pleasant. But obviously the sun stayed for only a week. Then you'll see on  a next Outfit post that snow is now there but also the cold... brrrr 
I hope that wherever you are it is not that cold ! But it's fine, you know that in only one month spring will be back -thank god- Meanwhile you just have to cover yourself with coats, scarves, gloves and caps ! 

So this outfit I wore is really light 'cause like I said, sun was so hot it was so good ! I also must to tell you something about this jeans. I bought it 2years ago but never really wore it so whatever, when i wore it for this shoot... I said OMG it is too big for me. Then I discovered by weighing that I lose some weight, didn't know how or when but it really scared me! I decided to wear this jean to make that "boyfriend jeans" style. 
Be sure to tell me what you think guys 

Blazer Zara
Sweater : H&M
Jeans : New Look
Bag : Zara
Shoes : Aldo
Watch : Michael Kors (Jet Set Sport MK5166)
Necklace/Bracelets : H&M / Zara - H&M - DIY
Nails : 'Particulière n°505' Chanel

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Guys ! So many things happened last week ! Like : my hair, again ! I took fortitude and I went to the hairdresser and ask to cut my hair. My hair was so damaged so here it is now. I also have a lot of new things and that will be soon on the blog(next "Goodies" post).

So here is my yesterday's outfit, it was so sunny and I was so happy to make this shoot because I went out without tights and people were looking at me like "is she crazy?" haha.
So I present you here some new things like the coat, the skirt, the sweater and the bag !
Be sure to tell me what you think :)

Coat : Guess
Sweater : Vintage
Skirt : H&M
Bag : Zara
Shoes : New Look
Socks : H&M
Nails : 'Valentine' Sephora

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Home Burger

Hi everyone!
Today I wanted to make a post about Food for the blog's tags.
So last week I was at home with my cousin & I had to cook.
Obviously I immediately thought of making hamburgers. An it was the first time I made home burger it was such a gooood experience! I didn't think that home burger will be so delightful & tasty oh god !

For sure I'll make some home burger once in a while !
So I thought to make this post with the ingredients.

- Hamburger's bun
- Minced meat
- Some fresh salads leaves
- Thin slices of tomato
- Onion's round
- Thin slices of Emmental
- Ketchup
- Mayonnaise
- Mustard
- Salt, pepper and any spices you like

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Little Garden

Hi everyone ! I see you enjoying my coming back with those lot of outfits of the day : I'm happy.
And I'm really happy to see all your comments here on the blog, by my mail & on the Facebook Page ! You're all totally sweet & I have nothing to say but thank you - every single of you is amazing and you're amazing readers ! 

So we took those pictures in my garden where I always let my lovely cat Anzus playing -only when it's sunny- I bought this cuty skirt at H&M during sales & I already knew that I will wear it with my new pink top I bought at Sandro when I was working there. I think it's a good mix 'cause the skirt have a lot of clear glitters. Then of course to stay classic I had to put some black in this outfit so enjoy this one & be sure to tell me what you think !

Perfecto Brooklin Bridge Factory
Top : Sandro
Skirt : H&M
Tights : DIM
Shoes : New Look
Belt : Forever 21
Nails : 'It-girl' Sephora

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Standing in the rain

Good morning guys ! Hope you're all fine & that you're not sick 'cause this weather... is so cold !
All I do everyday is wearing a big pullover, big socks, hot vanilla tea & watchig my favourite tv shows. I just can't stay outside because of the cold, it's my ennemy I repeat it again : I totally hate winter you just can't imagine how much I hate it.

So for my outfit I choose just new things except the jacket, I think you already seen it.
So I choose this black faux leather pant, this black jacket & those black shoes to put this amazing mustard sweater I purchased next year in Austria. So here the outfit of the day, be sure to tell me what you think about it :)

Jacket : Zara
Sweater : Mango
Pant : Zara
Shoes : Aldo
Rings : New Look
Nails : 'It-girl' Sephora