Thursday, April 11, 2013

Agadir Second Day

I feel so good here in Agadir and I have to admit that it is just awesome like always!  People here are so nice, always smiling, laughing so it totally change of Paris where people always are angry, stressed etc. Whatever, today, like yesterday was a real beautiful day it was so hot out there, so I decided to  stay at the hotel's swiming pool that you will see on the pictures!
Oh and you guys can't imagine how much I eat here.... Unless you follow me on INSTAGRAM !
I eat so much because the food here is just.... Yummi !

So here is the outfit I wore for this second day, everything single thing is new. Just to inform you that  I bought this sweater in Zara yeah, but in Morocco so you can imagine that clothes are not the same. 
I don't forget the giveway but I tell you yet that I would make a video to present a brand but it will be in French I think I am not sure for now. I'm writting this post lying on my bed because I have a sunburn on the legs and on my face... It is totally awful how much it hurts me.
Whatever take care of yourself guys 

Ps: Take a look at my new and first tattoo ! I did it for two weeks now! -Träumer-

Which means: "Dreamer", I chose to make it in German because it signify a lot for me in this language and because I had drawn it when I was only 12 years old!
Roses everywhere in my hotel Palais Des Roses.
New Holiday wallet !
The (almost) total hotel's garden seen from my room.
You can't imagine the noise that makes all those frogs and other critters during the night in this pond.... *caw caw*

New summer shoes ;)
Again roses, always roses.

Sweater : Zara
Skirt : H&M
Necklace : NewLook
Shoes : Zara
Wallet : H&M
Sunglasses : Carrera
Nails : O.P.I "What's With The Cattitude?"


  1. Si je te dis que c'est la tenue parfaite pour moi, tu me crois ? Waouuuw quoi ! Les shoes, la jupe xxl et ce pull, que dire de ce pull !!! Jalousie ahaha :). Bisous and enjoy your trip !

  2. Nice outfit! :)