Monday, August 13, 2012

Goodies - Jewerly

Bonjour ! Waw, il est 9h30 et je n'ai pas encore dormi... Avec les vacances je suis totalement décalée, je dors la journée, je vie la nuit haha! Non plus sérieusement, j'ai un RDV médical dans quelques minutes et si je veux être sûre de m'y rendre : je ne dois pas m'endormir !
Bref, trève de racontage de life hein, dans cet article, je vais vous présenter des nouveaux objets arrivés à la maison puis quelques uns de mes bijoux classés par catégorie 'GOLD' ou 'SILVER'
Bonne journée mes Kimis !
Good Morning ! Waw, it's 9:30am & i still haven't sleep... With vacations i am totally shifted, i sleep all day long & i live at night haha ! No seriously, i have a medical appointment in a few minutes & if i wanna make sure that i'll be at the appointment, i must not fall asleep !
So, truce chat hin, in this article, i introduce you some new stuff which are newcomers at home and then a few jewerly i have classified in two categories : 'GOLD' & 'SILVER'
Have a nice day my little Kimis ! 

 1/ My new candle that smells Madagascar's Vanilla that i decorated with a few seashells i collected in Deauville during my February's vacations! Isn't it cute ?

 2a/ A thing, that i bought in the famous Parisian Watch store : LOUIS PION....

 2b/ This thing is from one of my favourites brand : MICHAEL KORS.

 2c/ Taddaaaaa This is my new watch ! i love it so so much :D

 3/ My new shoes by ZARA's Fall 2012 Collection

 4/ The book i'm gonna take with me in Algeria. TRADING UP by CANDACE BUSHNELL (here in French) - i just love the cover with the Pigalle from LOUBOUTIN & the CHANEL tights, this is really so class and sexy, waw.
Summary : Janey Wilcox has just been chosen as the new model for the famous lingerie line : Victoria's Secret. This is the kind of recognition that this young 31 year old woman waiting for years and she hopes to enjoy... !

 5/ My new night cream totally Bio by DR. THEISS !

 6/ A new bracelet from NEW LOOK's Fall/Spring 2012/2013 collection !

 7/ RIGHT, THIS is one of my fav' cosmetic purchase i made this few days, this red lipstick from KIKO is just amazing ! You can stay all day long and eating, drinking, smoking, without the color fades !
If you're looking for the perfect red lipstick, i recommend it to you ! - n°84 KIKO -

 8/ This is a new elastic i bought in NEW LOOK it looks just perfect on a bun, i'll try to show you that in an upcoming OOTF !

 9/ This is my new cup, from NEW LOOK too, just perfect to drink my tea when i have no time in the morning ! I just fall in love with the colour !

10/ This is the last thing (i think) that i bought during the last sales day, the bag is from STRADIVARIUS


Now like i said, two jewerly pictures one in 'GOLD' & the other in 'SILVER'
Take a look and be sure to tell me what you think <3


  1. Ta montre, tes shoes et le bracelet New look : waw !

  2. Le sac 4 est un ZARA et j'adore tes slippers ! :) Bises